Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Upload Subtitles Directly to YouTube

We've added support for uploading subtitles directly to YouTube.

After you've finalized the subtitles for a video, just click on the 'Publish' tab, fill in the optional title name for the subtitle track and upload the subtitles directly to YouTube.

Note that as per YouTube's policy, only the owner (or author) of a video can upload subtitles to it. If you're not the owner of the video, there's not a lot you can do. Maybe try to leave a comment on the video. Since links are not allowed in comments, you'll have to say something like:

I've added captions/subtitles to your video using YouTube Subtitler. Could you please upload these subtitles to YouTube so that everyone can enjoy this wonderful video with subtitles?

If you encounter any issues with uploading subtitles to YouTube, please let us know, it's a new feature and we're still trying to make sure we cover all the corner cases when communicating with YouTube.