Thursday, August 19, 2010

Link your YouTube Subtitler account with your YouTube account

Some people don't get it at first, but YouTube Subtitler is not YouTube. It's a site that makes it easy to add subtitles (or captions) to videos that come from YouTube.

The whole captioning process doesn't need to know anything about your YouTube account. You pick a video; create a transcript for it; process the transcript into subtitles and synchronize the subtitles.

But wait. If you allow YouTube Subtitler to access your account on YouTube, we can make the captioning experience a little better - In most cases, you want to caption one of your own videos. When doing that, you need to search for that video, but if YouTube Subtitler is aware of your YouTube account, it could simply present all your YouTube user's videos, and you just need to pick the video you want to caption.

We call that "Linking your YouTube Subtitler account with your YouTube account".

When you go into the YouTube Subtitler Dashboard, you'll see the following icon next to your user name:

This means your YouTube Subtitler account is not currently linked to your YouTube account. To link your accounts, click on your user name. This will take you to the settings page, where you can link the accounts.

Since you might have some privacy concerns about linking your accounts, it's important for us to stress the following:
  • YouTube Subtitler never gets access to your YouTube account password.
  • YouTube Subtitler has access to your videos, but will only use that access to list your videos and (in the future) update video captions.
  • You can always unlink the accounts (using the Settings page). You can also manage your YouTube account and see which external sites have access to your account (and revoke access).
Happy captioning :-)

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